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BSD Bracketology: Week Two Update (Lots of movement within the field)

It was a busy first two weekends in college basketball. Let's see what the second weekend of the year did to the (still early) Projected Field of 68.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a thoroughly entertaining first two weekends for the college basketball scene. The ACC proved its dominance early on this weekend with holiday tournament wins by: Duke, Virginia, and most notably, Miami, who romped its way through Mississippi State, Utah, and Butler en route to the Puerto Rico title.

There was only one team that fell out of the field (Goodbye N.C. State, Hello George Washington), but there was a lot of movement within the S-Curve as I continue to get adjusted to teams and how they are going to perform this season. I am still relying heavily on KenPom's ratings, pre-season projections, as well as early season performances to rank the teams in my S-Curve.

I am sure that I am off on a few teams, but as more data points (i.e. games) become available I will be able to more accurately rank the field. If you have any thoughts or comments please let me know, as this is a lot of guesswork early on! I can also explain my reasoning on why I have certain teams where if prompted.

Here is Week 3 (bold indicates automatic bid, KenPom rank is the number to the side)


1. Kentucky (SEC) 1

2. Duke (ACC) 4

3. Virginia 3

4. Michigan State 14

5. North Carolina (ACC) 8

6. Kansas (Big 12) 5

7. Villanova (Big East) 2

8. Maryland (Big Ten) 28

9. Miami (FL) 10

10. Oklahoma 13

11. Gonzaga (WCC) 6

12. Connecticut (American) 25

13. California (Pac-12) 44

14. Indiana 15

15. Arizona 7

16. Cincinnati 11

17. Wichita State (MVC) 24

18. Iowa State 17

19. Oregon 23

20. Notre Dame 19

21. Baylor 12

22. Xavier 22

23. Purdue 9

24. Butler 31

25. Vanderbilt 18

26. Utah 32

27. Michigan 37

28. Valparaiso (Horizon) 26

29. LSU 53

30. Iowa 20

31. Louisville 16

32. Georgetown 33

33. Florida State 39

34. Texas A&M 30

35. Ohio State 51

36. UCLA 47

37. Texas 42

38. Wisconsin 29

39. West Virginia 27

40. Tulsa 45

41. Dayton (46)

42. VCU 49

43. UNLV 108

44. Davidson 60

45. Providence 59

46. Syracuse 36

47. San Diego State (MW) 50

48. George Washington

49. Akron (MAC) 55

50. South Dakota State (Summit) 61

51. Yale (Ivy) 72

52. William and Mary (CAA) 75

53. Stephen F Austin (Southland) 76

54. Stony Brook (America East) 85

55. UAB (C-USA) 91

56. Cal Poly (Big West) 94

57. Iona (MAAC) 98

58. Belmont (OVC) 99

59. Chattanooga (Southern) 103

60. Louisiana Lafayette (Sun Belt) 106

61. North Florida (A-Sun) 112

62. Boston University (Patriot) 126

63. High Point (Big South) 135

64. New Mexico State (WAC) 145

65. Montana (Big Sky) 166

66. Sacred Heart (NEC) 190

67. North Carolina Central (MEAC) 218

68. Jackson State (SWAC) 237


1-Seeds- Kentucky, Duke, Virginia, Michigan State

2-seeds- North Carolina, Kansas, Villanova, Maryland

3-seeds- Miami (FL), Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Connecticut

4-seeds- California, Indiana, Arizona, Cincinnati

5-seeds- Wichita State, Iowa State, Oregon, Notre Dame

6-seeds- Baylor, Xavier, Purdue, Butler

7-seeds- Vanderbilt, Utah, Michigan, Valparaiso

8-seeds- LSU, Iowa, Louisville, Georgetown

9-seeds- Florida State, Texas A&M, Ohio State, UCLA

10-seeds- Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tulsa

11-seeds- Dayton, VCU, UNLV, Davidson

12-seeds- Providence, Syracuse, San Diego St, George Washington, Akron, South Dakota State

13-seeds- Yale, William and Mary, Stephen F. Austin, Stony Brook

14-seeds- UAB, Cal Poly, Iona, Belmont

15-seeds- Chattanooga, Louisiana Lafayette, North Florida, Boston University

16-seeds- High Point, New Mexico State, Montana, Sacred Heart, North Carolina Central, Jackson State

Bids by Conference

Breakdown By Conference

ACC (8): Duke, UNC, Virginia, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State, Louisville, Syracuse

Big 10 (8): Maryland, Michigan State, Indiana, Michigan, Purdue, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State

Big 12 (6): Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas, West Virginia

Big East (5): Villanova, Butler, Xavier, Georgetown, Providence

Pac-12 (5): California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, UCLA

SEC (4): Kentucky, Vanderbilt, LSU, Texas A&M

Atlantic 10 (4): Davidson, VCU, Dayton, George Washington

American (3): Connecticut, Cincinnati, Tulsa,

Mountain West (2): San Diego State, UNLV

One Bid Leagues (23): Wichita State (MVC), Gonzaga (WCC), Valparaiso (Horizon), SF Austin (Southland), Akron (MAC), UAB (C-USA), Yale (Ivy), Iona (MAAC), SDSU (Summit), Stony Brook (America East), Cal Poly (Big West), William and Mary (CAA), Belmont (OVC), UL-Lafayette (Sun Belt), North Florida (A-Sun), Boston University (Patriot), Chattanooga (Southern), High Point (Big South), NMSU (WAC), Montana (Big Sky) Sacred Heart (NEC), NCCU (MEAC), Jackson State (SWAC)

Last Four In: Davidson, Providence, Syracuse, George Washington

Last Four Out: N.C. State, BYU, Rhode Island, Pittsburgh,

Next Four Out: Oregon St, South Carolina, Boise State, Northern Iowa

In: North Carolina Central, Sacred Heart, Boston University, South Dakota State, Yale, George Washington

Out: Norfolk St, Mount St. Mary’s, Lehigh, North Dakota State, Princeton, N.C. State