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Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions: Wake Forest vs. Clemson

What will the final score be?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Bart: Clemson wins 48-13

Clemson is number one in the country and has been taking care of business all season. Even though Wake appears to be limping into this game having failed to win a game since they were up in Boston over a month ago, they fared relatively well against Notre Dame although the scoreboard did not reflect that reality. In order for Wake to win in Death Valley, they will have to be absolutely flawless and even then it may not be enough. Clemson could likely sleepwalk through this one but I don't see that happening either. Clemson will come out ready to play and they will take the Deacs behind the woodshed from the outset.

Grumpy: Clemson wins 42-14

I don't expect this one to be as "close" as it was against Notre Dame, but I'm hoping Wake can at least get into the end zone multiple times. Maybe we can catch Clemson looking forward to the playoffs, but I'm thinking their borderline close call against Cuse will have them coming out sharp.

Ned: Clemson wins 52-7

The Deacs looked strong against the Irish last week despite the loss, but I think the gap between ND and Clemson might be even larger than ND and Wake. Clemson pounces on WF early and practically makes the game out of reach by half. If we can move the ball and get into the end zone twice I'll be very content on Saturday.

Riley: Clemson wins 38-21

I think Wake covers and keeps things interesting into the second half. Clemson has a lot of speed and I am worried the big play (like last week), but Wake is playing good ball right now. In the end talent will win out and Clemson will remain undefeated.

Rob: Clemson wins 45-10

I just think that Clemson will get a consistent pass rush, and that Wake will struggle to move the ball against this stout Clemson defense. I'm also quite concerned about Wake's defense having to try and stop Deshaun Watson. It's going to be a long afternoon. Dabo Swinney will have his squad at 11-0 after this one.

Samurai: Clemson wins 38-7

I don't see a repeat of Notre Dame.  Clemson is going to come out firing to maintain the top ranking and avoid any "Clemsoning" this season.