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BSD Basketball Predictions: Wake Forest-Richmond Predictions

Wake Forest looks to get to 3-0 tonight when the Richmond Spiders roll into town. What does Blogger So Dear expect to happen?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Deacs win 79-75. This early in the season its really hard to tell how good teams are. That being said, the Deacs are coming off a great road victory at Bucknell, so hopefully they can carry that momentum into the game against the Spiders. Hopefully we see another great performance from freshman point guard Bryant Crawford. This one will be close, but the home crowd helps the Deacs pull this one out.

Rob: Wake Forest wins 74-70. Richmond has been very poor on the defensive end, and I anticipate that Wake Forest will be able to pound it inside to Devin Thomas and Dinos Mitoglou. Additionally, Richmond's bigs have been scoring the majority of their points, and I expect that Wake Forest's length will cause them problems.

Chris: Wake wins, 84-80. Following up the nice comeback win on the road at Bucknell, I think the Deacs keep early momentum going with a winnable game Wednesday night against Richmond. Devin Thomas should continue to rack up double-doubles against inferior competition inside this year, and hopefully Manning has found the sweet spot by now with a short bench. My biggest concern is the short bench with short rest - if the team gets tired and the game slows down, a halfcourt battle or a shootout does not favor the current roster.

Riley: I'll take Wake 88-85. I don't have a lot of faith in either defense to stop the other team but we have the 43rd best adjusted offense in KenPom and ultimately I think the Demon Deacon offense will make the difference.

Grumpy: Wake 88-80. I think unfortunately we start out slow again, but I think being at home and having a couple wins under their belts gives the team (particularly Crawford) confidence and they pull out a pretty close win. That's my optimistic and official prediction. However, if we can't shut down their 3 point shooters, this could get ugly.

Ned: Wake 74-68 Richmond. Wake Forest is coming into tomorrow as 5.5-point favorites and I feel like that margin is where I expect this game to end. Although Allen will be extremely difficult to stop, ultimately Wake’s size on the glass and home court advantage will allow the Deacs to pull away late. I don’t expect it to come easy tomorrow, but the Deacs, even with their roster complications, are in a very good position to move to 3-0 Wednesday night.

Bart: Wake wins 85-79. Richmond got off to a bad start this year losing their opener to James Madison at home but bounced back to trounce Stetson to get to 1-1. Both these teams are going to get up and down the court with the offenses expected to put on a show. I think Wake will hold a double digit lead throughout the bulk of the second half before the Spiders tighten things up down the stretch but still fall by six. Wake gets to 3-0 and turns their focus to Maui next week.

WakeJake: 78-73 Wake. (Editor's Note: short but sweet from the old man on the block. You keep doing you big fella)

BSD Average: 81-76 Wake (again spot on with KenPom which is generally encouraging)

KenPom: 81-75 Wake

What do you guys expect to see tonight as Wake returns to action? Let us know below and as always, go Deacs!