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Three Up, Three Down: Wake Forest vs. Florida State

What an amazing game. While Wake Forest's upset bid fell short, they certainly gave Florida State all they could handle, and performed better than almost anyone would have predicted.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Ups

The Offense Was Stellar. Seriously, 357 yards, 7-15 on third down, 1-1 on fourth, a balance of passing and rushing (215-142), 27 first downs to FSU's 14, and holding the ball for 11 more minutes than the Noles?  That's just a clinic.  Much love to the offensive line, who stepped up HUGE in this game after being oft maligned earlier in the season.

Kendall Hinton (Again). Seriously, this kid is something else.  His QBR is oddly low for this game, but he put up solid stats and, more importantly, showed the heart of a warrior much like John Wolford is prone to doing.  Hinton took hit after hit (fairly often illegal ones) and kept getting up.  Even after a particularly vicious shot left the true freshman with a hip pointer, Hinton wasn't  gone for long, and while he looked visibly affected by the injury, he still kept playing with everything he had, and nearly engineered an amazing game-tying drive for the second week in a row.

Matt Colburn. I'm going to give my first thumb up to a running back this season.  The big, bruising running back had 11 carries for 51 yards, or a 4.6 yard average.  Keep in mind, he did this against the very stout FSU front. and man did he ever lay some hits en route to getting his yards.  I really like what Colburn brought to the table this game, and I'm interested to see if that keeps up.

The Downs

Big Plays Given Up On D Especially that Cook run.  You take that away and who knows what happens?

Still No Turnovers On Defense. You guys are killing me on this one.  Please make it happen this week.

Not Going For It On The 4th Before The Cook Run. This is a bit more of a nitpick but I really would've gone for it there.  Admittedly it was early and 0-0, but it was 4th and 3 on the FSU 42, our offense was moving, and pinning FSU deep means nothing if you give up a 96 yard run.  I literally saw it coming before the punt.  Not necessarily a one play TD, but FSU has absurdly explosive athletes, we're not good at forcing turnovers, and that field position is close to the territory where flipping the field, statistically, isn't better than going for it.  Coach Clawson has shown aggressiveness before so I'm not raking him over the coals, but man, if we went for that and scored...oh what could've been.

The Bottom Line

As painful as that was and as much as there were things I'd like to see done differently, the fact remains that the final result was better on the Deac side than anything I could've expected.  Coach Clawson is really building something here, and I'm all in.  Then again, is anyone not?

Well done, gentlemen.  On to the next.  Let's get a win next week.  Go Deacs.