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Why Harry Giles Will Commit to Wake Forest University

Blogger So Dear takes a look at why Harry Giles, the No. 1 basketball recruit in the 2016 class, will choose Wake Forest on November 14th.

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Harry Giles' mother announced yesterday that he is making a decision on November 14th as to where he will play his collegiate basketball. Since he is the No. 1 recruit in the 2016 basketball recruiting class, this is obviously pretty big news.

He has narrowed his list down to five schools: Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, and Wake Forest. He has effectively eliminated North Carolina, with several reports behind-the-scenes that the coaching staff and the Giles' family did not exactly see eye to eye on things.

Giles reportedly had a good time at Kansas, but most believe that Bill Self and the Jayhawks have fallen behind Duke, Kentucky, and Wake Forest in the recruiting process.

That leaves Wake Forest and Danny Manning going up against two of the best basketball programs in the country, as well as two hall-of-fame coaches in John Calipari at Kentucky, and Mike Krzyzewski at Duke.

Regardless of how you feel about the Duke, UK, or their coaches from a personal or moral standpoint, there is no refutation that they are the two hottest schools in America, both in terms of on-court success and the recruiting trail.

Duke is the defending national champions, while Kentucky was undefeated until the Final Four last year, with a national championship in 2013.

With all that being said, I firmly believe that Wake Forest can, and will get Harry Giles when he announces on November 14th.

There are several things at play that indicate Harry Giles has all intentions and motivations (#vibes) to come play his college basketball at Wake Forest:

1. Hometown Hero

Harry Giles has the chance to be yet another hometown hero for Wake Forest, and could be the one that gets the Demon Deacons to its first Final Four since the 1962 Billy Packer led team. Chris Paul and Josh Howard both brought Wake Forest great success as Winston-Salem area recruits, and although they probably did not get done in the NCAA Tournament what they would have liked, led the Deacs to outstanding regular season success after a brief dip following the Randolph Childress and Tim Duncan years.

If Giles were to choose Wake Forest, win an ACC Regular Season, Tournament, or National Title (or reach the Final Four), he would be regarded immediately as an all-time Wake Forest great. While he can arguably also do this at Duke or Kentucky, he is just another drop in the bucket at basketball factory powerhouses there. At Wake Forest he would be known by anybody and everybody that has ever been a Wake Forest fan, and thoroughly loved and revered throughout Winston-Salem.

2. Brandon Childress is coming to Wake Forest

We know that Harry Giles is very, very close to Brandon Childress, with whom he was teammates with at Wesleyan Christian Academy. Not only is Brandon coming to Wake Forest, but obviously his father, the great Randolph Childress, is also an assistant coach here. While Giles has mentioned in the past that he is "best friends" with Jayson Tatum, the No. 2 recruit in the 2016 class (committed to Duke), there is no doubt that the time spent on and off the court with the Childress family is a huge positive for Wake Forest landing Giles.

3. He is very familiar with the current Wake Forest players and the coaching staff.

This ties in a bit with the first point, but Harry Giles is from Winston-Salem. While he is playing his final year of high school at Oak Hill (in Mouth-of-Wilson, VA), he was born and raised in Winston-Salem. Not only is he from the area, he is intimately involved with the current basketball team and coaching staff. He attended not only a high number of Wake Forest men's basketball games, but also women's games.

He also attended elementary school at First Assembly Christian (aka The God Dome), which is literally right across the street from campus grounds. He also played on the AAU team of the CP3 All-Stars, started by the great Chris Paul.

His father attended Winston-Salem State University in the 80's, and his mother has lived in Winston for the past 23 years, operating a hair salon.

There have been numerous reports that he comes on campus to play pickup with the team frequently, and is also very close with current and recently graduated members of the Wake Forest basketball team. He knows the campus well, obviously feels like he fits in, and has the chance to go to a school that he loved as the hometown kid, while maintaining nearby family, high school, and eventually collegiate ties as well.

4. He has a lot of similarities to Danny Manning, both on and off the court.

As Sports Illustrated wrote a couple of months back, the similarities between head coach Danny Manning and Harry Giles are glaringly obvious. Manning gave, by all accounts, an extremely impressive presentation noting the head-to-head comparison of the two on and off the court. They are both 6-10 power forwards with the ability to wreak havoc in all facets of the game, they both are from the Triad area, and they both have extremely similar games to the point where Harry noted after watching, "It was like he was my twin, or like I'm him 30 years later."

They also have shared the same ups and downs of knee injuries that potentially threatened each career. Giles thought he was done as a basketball player when he suffered a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus in 2013, while Manning tore his ACL's in both knees in his NBA career.

No matter how many national championships and five-star recruits that Coach K and Coach Calipari bring in, they cannot relate to Harry on and off the court like Danny Manning can. In a tightly contested recruiting battle this could be the edge that Wake Forest needs to land one of the best basketball players ever to come through Winston-Salem

5. His mother loves Wake Forest as an academic and athletic institution

Everything that we have heard since day one indicates that both Harry and his mother love Wake Forest. They love the proximity, the academics that are involved, the coaching staff, the atmosphere, the campus. They are falling in love with Wake Forest for the exact same reasons that most on here fell in love with it. It is an elite academic institution that competes at an extremely high level in athletics. When you add in the fact that there are very few places prettier than the Wake Forest campus in the spring, summer, and fall, it is the clincher that I felt when I went on campus for the first time as well.

Harry is also announcing his decision in Winston-Salem on the 14th. It would be a cruel twist of fate for him to announce that he is attending Duke or Kentucky a mere stones throw away from the school that he would be turning down, so I am opting to believe that this is yet another reason he is choosing Wake Forest.

When you look at all the thing that Wake Forest has going for it in the recruiting process, I firmly believe that Harry Giles will commit to the Demon Deacons on November 14th. He will complete a 5 man 2016 recruiting class as the crown jewel, and propel the Deacs into immediate discussion for a top ten team.

Along with the freshmen that are coming with him, as well as the returning players on the roster, Wake Forest has a legitimate chance to make serious noise throughout the year and finally get back to where all fans, alumni, and Winston-Salem followers know the Deacs should be.