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Three Up, Three Down: NC State

Yes, there were three positives for Wake in that game. Don't believe me? Read on and find out.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Ups

Kendall Hinton. 182 all-purpose yards, two rushing touchdowns, just an all around strong performance.

The Defense After The First Quarter. Let's be real here.  State had 475 yards of offense on the day, but more than 300 of those yards were in that absurd first quarter.  And it's not like you can say State pulled the starters or anything, BECAUSE it all happened in the first quarter.  The defense stopped State on fourth down, and held them to 4-13 on third.  That's good.

A Bit of a Rally. We outscored them 17-7 through the rest of the game.  There's honestly something to be said for that.

The Downs

First Quarter. Let's speak no more of that.  Please.  Pain.  Unbelievable, unimaginable pain.

Starting John Wolford. Listen, I like John.  I'm grateful for everything he's done for the team.  He's fought through injury and made some awesome plays.  But he is not the guy to start right now with Kendall Hinton playing how he is playing at the moment.

Punt Return TD. Real bummer, and perhaps the biggest black eye on Alex Kinal's unbelievable campaign.

The Bottom Line

They didn't come out to play, but I wouldn't say they rolled over and died, either.  I think the UNC game was significantly worse, and given more time to digest this game, I think they actually showed a good bit of fight this time around,  I honestly think if we'd started Kendall and/or the defense had finished two near sacks and not whiffed a couple other tackles, completely different game.  State's longest touchdown drive was 4 plays.  That's incredible for a number of reasons.  It was a terrible game, but bright spots did exist.

On to the next.  Go Deacs.