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Per Coach: Harry Giles Could Announce College Decision This November In Winston-Salem


Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Harry Giles, the number one basketball player in the country, could announce his college decision on either November 12th or 13th. This is according to Steve Smith, who is Giles' coach at the legendary Oak Hill Academy. Smith said on the 4 Quarters Podcast a nice little nugget that will be the cause of much speculation over the next several weeks.

"He's talked about maybe doing something on the 12th or the 13th (of November) maybe on ESPNU. They've got their recruiting show on that Thursday evening (Nov. 12) or doing something down in Winston-Salem when we're down there playing so I think his recruiting is coming to a head. And I think once he makes the Duke visit he'll have almost two weeks for the smoke to clear and talk to his family and get his bearings straight and make the decision that's best for him and his family."

That's right. Giles could announce his college decision in his hometown of Winston-Salem. It also happens to be the same location as Wake Forest University.Giles has already taken official visits to Wake Forest, Kansas, and Kentucky. His only official visit remaining is to Duke, and that visit is scheduled for Halloween weekend.

It's worth noting that Steve Smith said "maybe," and was non-committal about an actual date. I'll let you all begin to speculate. If it's in Winston-Salem though, one would like to think that's a positive sign for Danny Manning and Wake Forest. It's been a long and wild ride. It seems like it might all be over in several weeks. Blogger So Dear will keep you all updated if any additional information is learned.