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Wake Forest vs. Florida State: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

What's the final score of this one?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Florida State wins 31-6

I would like to see the defense keep Cook under 100 yards rushing

Bart: Florida State wins 34-6

With the rain potentially wreaking havoc on the offenses, I expect the Seminole running game to command the pace of play. Wake's defense may be able to contain Dalvin Cook for portions of the game, but look for him to have a dominant performance and go for 150+ yards. Hopefully the Wake Forest defense reads this, tacks it on the bulletin board, and finally records a takeaway on the year.

Chris: Florida State wins 31-3

We will really struggle to move the ball, and the weather may dampen scoring, but there's little chance we keep it close this year. Rain won't even out their size and skill advantage.

Jake: Florida State wins 28-6

I would like for the Deacs to avoid injuries/drownings and make it to #TheRivalry at full strength.

Matt: Florida State wins 35-7

I hope to see at least one forced turnover by the Deacs. We're due, to what better time?

Ned: Florida State wins 35-10

I hope to see the Deacs force a turnover or two and hold their ground on 3rd downs defensively. In games like these against powerhouse programs, the key is to take advantage of solid defense on downs 1 and 2, then force a punt to get the ball back. Allowing talented teams like FSU to keep drives going wears out the defense, and leads to very ugly second halves historically. Force punts, hope for a lucky break or two, and don't be afraid to take risks offensively to change the momentum of the game.

Riley: Florida State wins 31-13

Wake's defense will dot he best it can do to contain cook, but at the end of the day, he and the Seminoles are just too talented. I don't think Wake's offense has the firepower to keep up.

Rob: Florida State wins 38-3

Florida State's front seven is going to overpower Wake Forest's offensive line, and make it very difficult to move the ball down the field. I don't anticipate our quarterback having much time in the pocket to throw deep down the field. I also think that shorter throws to the outside will be problematic against Florida State given their speed.

Please share your own predictions in the comments section.