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Three Up, Three Down: Boston College

#clownball #goacc Wake, for the second season running, won probably the worst game of the season in all FBS. But we won, and it was hilarious.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Ups

DEFENSE. Our defense killed it.  Seriously, there's no two ways about it.  Boston College could do absolutely nothing offensively.  Now granted, some of that is thanks to BC being BC, but I'm still not going to hate.  They played hard every single snap, even being on the field for a fairly inexcusable amount of game time.

Alexander Kinal: Bad, Bad Man. Ten punts.  51.3 yard average.  Long of 62 yards.  62 YARDS.  We should rename his leg the Kinal Kannon because he was booming punts all day.  It's kind of shameful in some ways when your punter is your MVP, but Alex earns that distinction, and I defy anyone to name a player more consistently important to Wake's relative success to this point.  If Alex is not given serious consideration for the Ray Guy Award, I shake my head.

Forced Turnovers. Finally.  Not only did the defense do it, they did it in style, forcing four turnovers, often in clutch situations.  I'm loving what I saw, and I'm hoping it can keep up going forward.  Of course, some of them were freak coincidence, but I see those as karmic balancing for the season thus far.

The Downs

The Offense. I don't think I need to go into this one too much.  Other than a big, nasty run by Matt Colburn, there was basically nothing good going on about the offense at any point all day.  But this is just one of those games where you pretty much throw out the tape and move forward, I'd imagine.

Trying To Give The Game Away. Seriously, what was that turnover?  It ended up not costing us, but REALLY now.

9 Penalties For 102 Yards. That should not happen under any circumstances.  We've generally been pretty clean on the penalty front though, so that's another one I'm willing to write off as an anomaly.

The Bottom Line

3-3, a conference road win, lots of young talent, and our worst loss was 13 points at Syracuse wherein the final score slightly belied how close the game was.  The game was uglier than wearing a Hawaiian shirt with bowling shoes and a fedora, but a win's a win.  Let's hope our banged up guys get healthy and we can continue to grow.  Onto the next.  Go Deacs.