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Wake Forest vs. Louisville: Player of the Game Tylor Harris

"Big Baby" was excellent against Louisville this past weekend.

Tylor Harris became the first player in FBS history, or at least since 1992 when the stat became official, to recover three fumbles in a single game. That brings his total up to four on the season, which is one shy of tying the school-record. Against Louisville, he also recorded 4 tackles, and stripped Reggie Bonnafon, before recovering his own forced fumble in the end zone to give Wake Forest a 10-7 lead mid-way through the third quarter. For his efforts, he earned the Blogger So Dear Player of the Game Award (it's very prestigious). He deserves some serious consideration to be named ACC's Defensive Player of the Week.

In our initial practice reports, Riley and I noted that Tylor Harris had trimmed down and was impressive during individual drills as well as team drills. Harris was under-utilized last season, but has been a bright spot through five games of his junior campaign.

Zachary Allen was also a candidate for the BSD Player of the Week Award. He had 10 total tackles, including 3 tackles for loss.