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ACC Power Rankings: Week 3

Here are my power rankings. Tell me why I'm wrong.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida State (2-0,0-0) (LW 1)

Last Week: BYE

This Week: vs. Clemson

It was a bye week for the defending national champions, and that means they had an extra week to get refocused. I've probably been too critical of Florida State of late when I cite their lack of dominance. The truth is, in this new four-team playoff format, they just need to win games and don't need to run up the score like last season.

2. Clemson (1-1,0-0) (LW 4)

Last Week: BYE

This Week: at Florida State

Okay, so Clemson is still probably the second best team in the ACC. They'll probably lose this week and fall to 1-2, but they could still easily finish the regular season 10-2. They are young, but they are still very talented. Dabo has been recruiting at a very high level for several years now.

3. Louisville (2-1,1-1) (LW 2)

Last Week: L 23-21 at Virginia

This Week: at F.I.U.

I'd like to personally thank Louisville for losing to Virginia and allowing me to purchase my Wake Forest vs. Louisville ticket at a discounted price. Louisville will still make a bowl, but they are looking at at least three more losses, and probably more.

4. Virginia Tech (2-1,0-0) (LW 3)

Last Week: L 28-21 vs. East Carolina

This Week: vs. Georgia Tech

It looks like we were all a little to quick to crown Virginia Tech last week. Still, East Carolina is a good team and losing to them isn't a bad loss, even if it's at home. The good news for them is that it has no impact on their chance to win the Coastal. They should start 1-0 in the ACC this week when they host Georgia Tech.

5. Pittsburgh (3-0,1-0) (LW 5)

Last Week: W 42-25 at F.I.U.

This Week: vs. Iowa

Pittsburgh decided to spot F.I.U. 16 points in this one, before outscoring F.I.U. 42-9 over the final three quarters. Running back James Connor had 177 yards and 3 touchdowns on 31 carries, while quarterback Chad Voytik had 12 carries for 114 yards.  This team can absolutely win the Coastal.

6. Duke (3-0,0-0) (LW 6)

Last Week: W 41-3 vs. Kansas

Next Week: vs. Tulane

Duke was dominant over Kansas. Freshman running back Shaun Wilson had a casual 245 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns on just 12 carries. They'll take care of Tulane next week, and I'm definitely looking forward to their trip to Miami on September 29th.

7. Virginia (2-1,1-0) (LW 11)

Last Week: W 23-21 vs. Louisville

This Week: at BYU

Credit to Virginia for winning a game I didn't think they would. They were essentially dead-even with Louisville in terms of statistics, but they did just enough to find a way to beat the Cardinals. They will now travel to BYU, which is a very difficult place to play, but Virginia should be confident. I don't think Virginia will make a bowl game, but this upset gives them an outside chance.

8. Boston College (2-1,0-1) (LW 10)

Last Week: W 37-31 vs. USC

This Week: vs. Maine

What a great week it was for Boston College. After losing to Pittsburgh at home last week, they bounced back to beat #9 Southern California. Quarterback Tyler Murphy was not very good as a passer, but he was outstanding as a rusher and finished with 191 yards on just 13 carries. This team has a very realistic chance to go bowling.

9. Miami (2-1,0-1) (LW 7)

Last Week: W 41-20 vs. Arkansas State

This Week: at Nebraska

Forget about the football, this game produced the Vine of the year. The fake dead fake punt pass that got intercepted was just a thing of beauty. It's up there with the Marshall Henderson vs. Auburn GIF. Miami now travels to Nebraska before taking on Duke at home. The Hurricanes could easily be looking at a 2-3 record to start the season.

10. North Carolina (2-0,0-0) (LW 8)

Last Week: W 31-27 vs. San Diego State

This Week: at East Carolina

The Tar Heels will be looking to bounce back from last year's thrashing at the hands of East Carolina, who is coming off an impressive road victory against Virginia Tech. If Carolina doesn't win this week then it could get ugly, because they follow up this game with games against Virginia Tech, Clemson and Notre Dame.

11. Syracuse (2-0,0-0) (LW 12)

Last Week: W 40-3 at Central Michigan

This Week: vs. Maryland

It was an embarrassing start for the Orange, but they outscored Central Michigan 40-0 over the final 3 quarters to win 40-3. Terrel Hunt was an efficient passer and also had 90 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. This team has a chance to make a bowl game, but they are about to go through a brutal stretch on their schedule.

12. N.C. State (3-0,0-0) (LW 13)

Last Week: W 49-17 at South Florida

This Week: vs. Presbyterian

I was critical of N.C. State for their first two wins, but this was a very good win for them over South Florida. South Florida certainly isn't good, but Maryland did struggle with them just last week. The Wolfpack will finish the easiest non-conference schedule imaginable next week when they host Presbyterian.

13. Georgia Tech (3-0,0-0) (LW 9)

Last Week: W 42-38 vs. Georgia Southern

This Week: at Virginia Tech

Georgia Tech may have won, but they needed a last-minute touchdown in order to pull ahead of Georgia Southern. The Yellow Jackets are 3-0, but they look less impressive each week. I certainly don't like their chances to win in Blacksburg this week.

14. Wake Forest (1-2,0-0) (LW 14)

Last Week: L 36-24 at Utah State

This Week: vs. Army

Our offense improved against Utah State, but there were too many turnovers and not enough blocking to win the game. Wake is now a home-underdog to Army. Please just beat Army. I don't ask for much.