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Scouting Report: Cornelius Hudson

Yesterday Wake Forest finally received the news that 6'6" wing Cornelius Hudson has cleared NCAA clearinghouse and will play for Danny Manning and the Deacs in the upcoming basketball season. Since there is not a whole lot of information out there regarding Hudson's game, we reached out to a local scout who has seen him play numerous times in the past year.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
To provide an in-depth scouting report on Cornelius Hudson, we reached out to Jason Porter of All-Star Preps who had to opportunity to see him in action several times in the past year during his season at Mt Zion in Durham, NC.

BSD:  What are the strengths of Hudson's game?

Jason Porter:  He is a long shooter with range from the 3 point line that extends out to NBA distance. He will be an asset from the start for Wake Forest with his ability to stretch the floor. Another point in his favor is that he can play the 2 or the 3 at the next level as he has the ability to not only score at either spot but can defend both as well. 

BSD:  What does he need to work on as he takes the next step into the ACC?

JP:  He needs to get stronger and work on his body as I do not see him as being physically at the level many of the 2's/3's are at in the ACC he will be facing. He has the bloodlines (brother is Michael Crabtree from San Francisco 49ers) but not the strength his brother has yet. He is on the skinny side so it should be easy for him to put some meat/muscle on that frame of his without losing a step.

BSD:  What was the competition level he faced in his season at Mt Zion?

JP:  Mt Zion always plays a decent schedule. Last year they faced teams like Bull City Prep that featured former ODU commit Isaiah Maurice and teams like Prominence Academy that featured several D1 players as well. They also faced off with Genesis Academy (another very solid team) and played in a few tournaments. While the Mt Zion schedule is not close to what he will face in the ACC, he should be as battle tested as most of the freshmen coming into the conference this year.

BSD:  Why is Hudson seemingly not on the radar of any scouting services during the last couple seasons?

JP:  My understanding is that there were some concerns about his ability to get through NCAA clearinghouse. 

BSD:  Do you think he can be an impact player early on for a Wake squad that needs more scoring punch?

JP:  Yes and no. I think that he has the shooting ability to be a factor right off the bat for Wake. In that regard, I can see him making an impact right away. However, I think he may be a year away though before being the player that he will be. A good weight training program, meal program, and a season going through the grinder should serve him very well. 

I can see Hudson as having the ability to be a 1,000 point guy at WF over the next 4 years, especially if he goes and buys in. Shooters are always a great thing to have and he can stroke it with the best of them compared to those in his class.

We would like to thank Jason Porter for taking the time to do this for us.  Be sure to give him a Twitter follow @AllStarPreps for updates on other NC high school recruits.