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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: 2015 Big Men

Danny Manning is looking to make a splash in 2015, by bringing in one or multiple talented big men to Wake Forest. See the bigs with the most interest and what they have to offer Manning and Wake Forest.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Samir Sehic (3 star ESPN):

Samir Sehic is a shooting big man, in the mold of NBA All-Star, Kevin Love. He is an above average rebounder, where his size and IQ allow him secure rebounds in bunches. Post offense is not his biggest strength, but he can score down low given the right match up. His biggest offensive strength is on the perimeter, where he can stretch the floor and knock down open shots. Sehic recently cut his list to 6 schools; Davidson, Iowa, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame and Wake Forest. He also has an Official Visit planned for September 6th to Wake Forest, you can find the details about the visit here. Blogger So Dear will also have coverage after his visit about how it went. Sehic is definitely an option for Danny Manning and Wake Forest, and his shooting and rebounding skills would be a very valuable addition to the team.

Trevor Manuel (4 star ESPN):

Trevor Manuel is an extremely versatile big man, with great athleticism for his size. He excels in the high post, where he shooting, passing and driving ability can be showcased. He also has improving low post skills, that can be used successfully in spurts. His size and athleticism also allow him to be a solid rebounder, rim protector and overall defensive positive. His recruiting is currently wide open, but he plans on releasing a list of 8 teams in the near future. Manuel told Blogger So Dear that Wake Forest would be on that list of 8, but he was not sure when the list would be out. Expect an article from Blogger So Dear on Trevor Manuel in the near future. Manuel's versatility, athleticism and basketball skills would allow him to thrive under Danny Manning, where Manning will be able to showcase his many talents.

Doral Moore (4 star ESPN, ranked 36):

Doral Moore is the most talented of the big man that Manning is going for, but also the toughest to land. His defensive game is already college ready, as he is a solid post defender, rim protector and rebounder. His offensive game is not ready yet, but is improving. His post game is improving as he learns the appropriate footwork and he has added a mid range jump shot to his game. Moore does not have an official list, but has 5 schools that are working the hardest for him; Kentucky, Ohio State, Florida, Illinois and Wake Forest. It will be difficult for Manning to beat these top teams, but Manning has the potential. Moore's AAU coach, Chris Williams, believes Manning and Moore have a lot in common, their games and personality, and that Moore would benefit greatly if he played for Manning. Moore has NBA potential, and Manning has the coaching skills to get him there.

Tacko Fall (4 star ESPN):

Tacko Fall is a talented big man, but is best known for his incredible height. At 7'5", he towers over every other high school player. With his size alone, Fall is already a great rebounder and rim protector. He does not block a ton of shots, but alters almost every shot he is near. His offensive game is still improving. He has good hands and is able to finish anything near the basket with a dunk. His post moves are improving, but should become deadly due to his size. He only played in spurts in AAU and is working on being able to play for longer periods of time. Even without improving his stamina, he still provides a huge impact when he is in the game. Because of his immense potential, he is looking for a coach that will help him improve. Manning's reputation as a big man coach will definitely help him in recruiting Fall, who told Blogger So Dear that he believes in Manning's coaching ability. Fall hopes to visit in the near future but does not yet have a date planned. Blogger So Dear will have an article on Fall out in the near future. While Fall may be more of a project than the other bigs on this list, his incredible size and potential would make him a valuable piece at Wake Forest.