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Player Countdown: No. 29 FB Jordan Garside

Fullback Jordan Garside is the 29th player on our countdown list.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Redshirt senior Jordan Garside out of Jacksonville, Fl is the No. 29 player on the BSD player countdown. The fullback from The Bolles School, has been a crucial special teams member the past three years, and was also the starting fullback last season.

At 5-10, 230, Garside has excelled at blocking and based on what we have seen in practice, should contribute a lot on the offensive side of things. He has been catching a lot of passes out of the backfield, primarily in the slants. I believe that under Coach Clawson, the FB (along with the TE position), will be utilized more, and Garside has looked good in practice to get that playing time.

In addition to his on the field contributions, Garside was named an Allstate AFCA Good Works Nominee in July. He was named to the All-ACC Academic Team last year, and is double-majoring in Religion and Economics, with a minor in History.

Last season, Garside caught three balls for 17 yards on the year.

Garside also represented Wake Forest in the ACC Football Kickoff in July, alongside Kevin Johnson.