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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Brandon Childress

Childress is a 2016 point guard and the son of Wake Forest assistant coach Randolph Childress. See what he had to say about Wake Forest and potentially playing for his dad.

Streeter Lecka

As the son of Wake Forest coach and former player, Randolph Childress, it is no surprise that Brandon is one of the many player in the 2016 class with an offer from Wake Forest. Although Childress has been under the radar while playing for the Karolina Diamonds in AAU, with teammate Kwe Parker stealing the spotlight, Brandon is a very talented player and will make a big impact at the college level. Wake Forest has a great chance to land Childress, who also holds offers from Charlotte and ECU, and it would add to a great Wake Forest legacy in the Childress family.

While his game is still improving, Childress already has skills that will translate to the college game. His ball-handling allows him efficiently score himself as well as set up his teammates. His shooting, from mid-range and three, help him to space the floor and score at will. He is also a great teammate with great knowledge for the game. He has learned to pick his spots and fill his role very effectively. Brandon hopes to most improve his athleticism before college. This will allow him to become an improved finisher and defender, rounding out his game nicely. With his current skills, and likely improvements, Childress would be able to fill a role at Wake Forest.

Childress first heard from the new staff very early into the staff's beginning at Wake Forest. Childress would obviously love to play for his father, but also has built a good relationship with the rest of the staff. "I first heard from Wake Forest on June 15th. Since then, I have built a great relationship with all of the coaches."

While the ability to play for his father is a great recruiting pitch, it is not the only way Wake Forest is trying to land Childress. "The coaches have been selling me on themselves and Wake Forest's history with point guards."

Wake Forest's biggest advantage in Childress' recruitment is his father. Childress told Blogger So Dear that he thinks about playing for his father, "all the time." This does not guarantee a commitment, as Brandon realizes that he needs to find the best fit for him. There appears to be a good possibility that the best fit will be with his father at Wake Forest.

It will be two years before Childress enters college, but he will still have a presence on Wake Forest's campus. He lives very close to the campus and believes he will be there throughout the year. Whether this results in a commitment will not be seen until later, Wake Forest is definitely in a good position to land him. If Wake Forest can land a commitment from Childress, they will be adding a very talented player, who will add to the legacy his father created with the Demon Deacons.