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Reactions from Twitterverse: Wake vs ULM

In our new weekly feature, I'll take you around the twitterverse to see what select (and sometimes random) individuals from around the world had to say about the Deacs.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Reactions from Twitterverse Volume 1, where I try to capture the pregame build-up, in-game emotion and post game reaction from assorted individuals' thoughts in 140 characters or less.  This will evolve over time, so feel free to drop me some suggestions if you have them.  In some places I'll add a bit of commentary, but many times the tweets speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, the game had to start at some point.  The start wasn't so bad though thanks to Kevin Johnson.

It all went downhill from there, however.

When Wolford had time, he wasn't too bad.  A little love from his freshman counterpart here:

And the eye-opening stats continue:

As you might expect, the post game reaction was more sad than angry.

At least we can always blame it on Notre Dame though.