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Wake Forest vs. ULM: Staff Predictions

What do the BSD writers think is going to happen in tonight's contest?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports


ULM 23
Wake Forest 17

I have absolutely no idea what to expect out of this game. Wake has a new coach, a true freshman quarterback, a true freshman at center, is running a 4-2-5 defense, and a no-huddle offense. Anyone who claims to know what is going to happen is a fool. That being said I think ULM being at home, with Pete Thomas at quarterback, and being a slightly more experienced team has the upper hand. I'll go with the Warhawks winning 23-17 and getting the cover on Camo Night.


I'll go 21-20 ULM, I just don't know how we will score unless defense and special teams give us excellent field position. Touchdowns: Wolford a run and a pass (Scott). 1 interception (late).


Wake has one of the better defenses in the ACC, but the offense is light years behind. The tout secondary keeps the Deacs in the game, but can only do so much against a pesky ULM team on the road. ULM- 17 Wake- 13


17-14 Deacs.

I think both defenses force some turnovers and take advantage of the offenses. Pete Thomas does have a lot of experience in the backfield, but I think the CB's we have will cause a lot of problem. The 4-2-5 should also throw a lot of havoc in his face that he may not have seen a lot in the past. I really have absolutely no idea what to expect from the offense. I'm guessing we rely heavily on a rushing attack and short passes to help Terry and Wolford out to begin the game.


I think we pull out a low scoring, ugly game. Tough to try to guess what the offense will do, but like others have said, I have good confidence in the defense to keep the score down a little. Their biggest threat is in the air and I like our secondary. I hope for defensive scores, plural. 14-10 if I have to guess.


It's borderline impossible for me to know what to make of our chances tomorrow night and what I think will happen, but I'm going to say the Clawson Era gets started off right, and that we win 17-14, largely thanks to a couple of timely big plays on the defensive end.  I'm honestly torn though, and could see this thing going either way.


Wake 21
ULM   14

The only thing I know for certain about our team is that we have an excellent secondary. That said, we should have an improved offensive line and we'll definitely have improved play calling. We lost starters from last year's team, but our recent recruiting classes have gotten better talent on our roster. I'm taking true freshman John Wolford to shine on national television.