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Wake Forest Player Countdown: No. 8 WR E.J. Scott


Coming in at number 8 in the BSD player countdown is E.J. Scott, who is a graduate transfer from the University of Virginia. Because Scott graduated from UVA this past December, he was able to participate in Wake Forest's spring practice and is eligible to play this season. E.J. Scott is 5'11" 180-pounds and will be playing the flanker receiver this season, much like Deacon great Michael Campanaro. Wake Forest heavily recruited Scott out of high school, but he ultimately chose to attend Virginia.

Scott's best season as a collegiate came in 2012 when he caught caught 28 balls for 390 receiving yards and three touchdowns. A slot receiver can be a quarterback's best friend, as you are seeing in many NFL offenses, and I believe Scott and John Wolford will be connecting on a regular basis this season.  I fully anticipate Scott to have the best season of his career and catch north of 50 balls.

Check back tomorrow to see who is number 7 in the BSD player countdown. The season is officially just one week away!