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Player Countdown: No. 11 LG Cory Helms

LG Cory Helms is the No.11 player on our BSD countdown.

Dean Shore

Heading into the season we all expected Cory Helms to be the starting center for the Deacs this season. He started 11 games last season, yielding only to senior Whit Barnes in his final home game against Duke. That changed this week though, as he tweeted out that he will be starting at left guard this season, presumably to make way for true freshman A'lique Terry to start at center.

According to the WakeForestSports website, Helms was the first Demon Deacon to start as a true freshman since 1987 (Marvin Mitchell).

Helms hails from Georgia, where he attended Milton High School (same high school as Josh Harris). He chose the Deacs over South Carolina, Syracuse, Louisville, and several other schools.

Weighing in at 6-4, 305 pounds, the sophomore Helms is looking to continue the success that he had at center last season at his new left guard position. It says a lot about Helms that he is taking the move in stride, not seeing it as a relegation in any way (as well he should not, since this gives Wake the best chance to get the most talented 5 guys on the line), but instead a way to make the team better.

We wish Helms all the luck in the world at left guard, and it seemed like he was already fitting in well in the practices we witnessed this week. He has great lateral foot speed and a good knowledge of the line overall. I think he will fit in very well at LG and the line overall will benefit greatly from it.