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Wake Forest Player Countdown: No. 16 Anthony Wooding, Jr.

Safety Anthony Wooding, Jr. is the number 16 player in the BSD countdown.

Streeter Lecka

Player: Anthony Wooding, Jr.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 185 pounds

Coming in at number 16 in the BSD player countdown is Anthony, Wooding Jr. Wooding is a senior, who played his first two collegiate seasons at the Air Force Academy. During his time at Air Force, Wooding, Jr. started 15 games, and had 87 tackles to go along with two interceptions.

Last season, Wooding, Jr. played in ten games, and started the final four games when A.J. Marshall went down with an injury. He also contributed on special teams throughout the season. He finished the season with 39 tackles and a fumble recovery. Anthony is slated to start this season and is one of the reasons why the secondary is the best unit on the team. What he lacks in "ball hawking," he makes up for with run support. For this team to be successful, then the secondary has to be excellent and has to force turnovers. I believe Wooding, Jr. will continue to help in run support and will also force a few turnovers this season.

Check back later to find out who is number 15.