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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson is a talented 2017 recruit with serious Wake Forest interest. Learn about his game and thoughts on Wake Forest.

Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson is a 2017 point guard from Texas, who is already getting attention from many top colleges. His only offers are from UT Arlington and Lamar, but he also has interest from Creighton, Texas A&M, Texas, SMU, UCLA, Kansas St., Oklahoma St., Oklahoma, Rice and Wake Forest. He is obviously still developing as an athlete, but his skills on the basketball court go beyond his age. Although it will be a few years before Nelson sees his first college basketball game, Danny Manning has shown interest in Nelson, with the hopes of making him a Demon Deacon. This early interest could go a long way, as Nelson already has began to show an interest in the school. Ricky Nelson may be years away from his college decision, but joining Wake Forest has already become a realistic option.

As a young point guard, Nelson already excels at many things that will allow him to succeed at the next level. He says his biggest strengths are "scoring, finishing in traffic and leading my team." Along with his top notch ball handling and passing abilities, these skills will help Nelson make an immediate impact at the college level. He is far from a finished product though, as he is working on becoming "a better defender and to be more vocal on the floor." With advanced leadership and offensive skills, as well as time to improve his defense and size, Nelson has the makings of a solid college basketball player.

Wake Forest first began contacting Nelson at the start of the summer, with Nelson telling us "at the beginning of June." They have been in contact with Nelson ever since. They continue to talk, but Wake Forest also went some of Nelson's games during the live period. It was easy to see that this made an impact on Nelson.

So far, Manning has tried to sell Nelson on two main things, "the facilities and the past success of Wake Forest players." The success of other Wake Forest guards has stuck with Nelson, as well as the ability to play in the ACC. As Nelson's relationship continues to grow with the Wake Forest coaches, Nelson already has a great appreciation for what Wake Forest has to offer.

Ricky Nelson does not have a set date yet to visit Wake Forest, but plans to in the future. He told Blogger So Dear, "I'm going to try to go to the Wake Forest elite basketball camp I was invited to next summer." This would be a great opportunity for Nelson to learn about Wake Forest and Danny Manning will be able to see how Nelson would at Wake Forest.

Ricky Nelson does not have a Wake Forest offer yet, but expects one in the near future. He told us, "I've received three letters in the past month." Wake Forest is clearly interested in Nelson, and the feeling appears mutual. It will be a long time before many college basketball fans get to see Ricky Nelson play, but he is definitely a recruit to keep an eye on. Make sure to follow him on twitter @rickydocnelson.