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Roll The Quadcast to Return This Sunday

Rob and Riley are back and ready to take your calls.

Your favorite podcast will be returning this Sunday night at 7:30. Okay, so maybe you prefer the B.S. Report with Bill Simmons, but work with me here. This Sunday's episode will be a football season preview episode where we go through each game on our schedule. We plan on doing a show every Sunday night from now until at least the end of basketball season. Listeners are welcome to call in during the show to voice theirs opinions, or they can also submit a question via our Facebook page or tweet @Robert_Reinhard@BSD_RaJohnston or @BloggerSoDear on Twitter. Additionally, you may submit a question by leaving a comment on this article. If you can't catch the live version of the show, it will always be embedded in an article on Blogger So Dear for later listening.

Archived episodes here.


The call in number is (818) 369-0317.

Go Deacs!