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Wake Forest Football: Career Starts of Projected Starters

How experienced is this year's Wake Forest football team?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports
In sports they say that experience matters. With that in mind, I decided to take a look at the number of career starts each of our projected starters.

Player Position Year Career Starts
John Wolford QB Freshman 0
Orville Reynolds RB Senior 6
Matt James WR RS Senior 2
Jared Crump WR RS Sophomore 4
E.J. Scott WR Graduate 2
Cam Serigne TE RS Freshman 0
Antonio Ford LT RS Senior 9
Will Smith LG RS Sophomore 0
Cory Helms C Sophomore 11
Josh Harris RG Sophomore 1
Dylan Intemann RT RS Junior 16
Offense Total 51
Player Position Year Career Starts
Zachary Allen DE RS Senior 1
Tylor Harris DT Junior 4
Josh Banks DT RS Sophomore 0
Duke Ejiofor DE RS Freshman 0
Brandon Chubb LB RS Junior 12
Marquel Lee LB Sophomore 0
Hunter Williams ROV RS Junior 9
Kevin Johnson CB RS Senior 29
Merrill Noel CB RS Senior 31
Anthony Wooding Jr. S Senior 19
Ryan Janvion S RS Sophomore 12
Defense Total 117
The offense is very inexperienced and averages under 5 career starts per player. By comparison, the senior cornerback duo of Kevin Johnson and Merrill Noel has more career starts (60) than our entire offense (51). To be more fair to the offense I'll point out that backup offensive linemen Ty Hayworth and Hunter Goodwin have a combined 10 career starts. Either way, the offense is still well behind the defense in terms of playing experience. Additionally, at several of the position battles (tight end and defensive end), no matter who is named the starter, that player will have zero career starts.

Here is the distribution of our starters by class. I separated true freshmen and redshirt freshmen, but other than that the classes other classes would include both true and redshirts (e.g. true sophomores and redshirt sophomores).

Class Number
Freshman 1
Redshirt Freshmen 2
Sophomores 7
Juniors 4
Seniors/Graduate 8