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Player Countdown: No. 24 DE Wendell Dunn

Defensive end Wendell Dunn is number 24 on the Blogger So Dear countdown list.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Although Wendell Dunn, a redshirt freshman out of Miami, was recruited as an outside linebacker, it seems like defensive end is where he will make his collegiate impact at Wake Forest. Dunn is number 24 on the Blogger So Dear player countdown list.

Through the first couple of weeks of practice, Wendell Dunn has emerged as a serious contender for the starting defensive end spot opposite of Zachary Allen. Although it seems he would be an ideal "drop" defensive end in the 4-2-5 defense (the position Allen currently plays) based on his versatility as an outside linebacker and defensive end hybrid, right now Dunn is getting a lot of first team reps in the more traditional DE position.

He is competing with Desmond Floyd, who has been hampered by an injury this fall, and Duke Ejiofor, who has looked very strong as well since practices opened.

Dunn attended high school at Palmetto HS in Miami, Florida, and is listed at 6-3, 240 by the official Wake Forest website. That would be more than enough weight to handle himself on the line.

He was an honorable mention Class 8A linebacker in the state of Florida during his senior season. Dunn chose Wake Forest over offers from Central Florida, UConn, and West Virginia.

I would expect Dunn to see a lot of action this year, especially since Floyd might be a little behind given his current injury.