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Triad Pro Am Summer League 7/8 Recap

A quick recap of my impressions from the opening night of the summer league.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The first night is in the books of the Triad Pro Am Summer League. We at Blogger So Dear will do our best to provide our thoughts on how each player looked after each night of games. This recap will be shorter because Rondale Watson and Mitchell Wilbekin did not play due to having a freshman orientation obligation and Darius Leonard and Miles Overton are taking a night course. Wilbekin and Watson should be playing on Thursday, but it's unclear if Overton and Leonard will be available to play at all in the summer league.

Codi Miller-McIntyre

Codi was the most impressive Deac on the night. He finished unofficially with 32 points and made 7 3-pointers. He was able to get to the rim and generally made smart decisions with the basketball. His improved 3-point shooting would certainly be a welcomed addition, especially if he is going to transition to shooting guard.

Greg McClinton

McClinton was very impressive tonight in his first organized game in 16 months. He demonstrated explosiveness and was able to finish around the rim. He unofficially recorded 14 points and did so on a high percentage from the field. He did not shoot many jumpers, so that will be something we monitor as the summer progresses. I'd be surprised if he didn't start for us this season.

Devin Thomas

By now Deacon fans know what they are getting with Devin Thomas. He is a crafty player around the basket, who plays hard and grabs boards. He was somewhat tentative at first, but really got going in the second half. He was clearly the best player on the court and I'm hopeful his short corner jumper will continue to improve.

Madison Jones

Madison exceeded my expectations tonight. He played with better pace and was in control most of the time. He had nice touch on his floaters and even knocked down several jumpers. Obviously it's just summer league, but this was the best I've seen him play in summer league games.

Aaron Rountree

Tree has definitely bulked up since fans last saw him in March. His arms have added muscle and his body appears wider. He had several dunks and rebounds from what I could tell. To be honest I was mostly paying attention to Devin Thomas' game, but will make a concentrated effort to focus on Tree's performance on Thursday.

Andre Washington

I was hoping for a bit more out of Andre tonight given the competition (Guilford College) lacked size. He had at least six inches on the next tallest player, but did not dominate offensively as you would hope. He also didn't have as much of an impact on the defensive end, but part of that can be attributed to Guilford most taking perimeter jumpers. He did seem somewhat stronger.

These are just my thoughts. If you went and saw it differently, I encourage you to mention your impressions in the comments.