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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Samir Sehic Will Take Official Visit

Samir Sehic, a 2015 big man, has decided to take an official visit to Wake Forest this fall. See what he had to say about the visit and Wake Forest.

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Samir Sehic got an offer from Wake Forest less than a month ago, and has already decided to take an official visit on September 6th, which is the same day that Wake Forest's football team hosts Gardner-Webb. He is listed as a 3 star recruit by both Scout and ESPN, but has been on the rise of late thanks to his play at the NBA Top 100 Camp.

Sehic is a talented big man, with the ability to play down low but also stretch the floor. His talents will translate well to the college game, as his shooting ability is a very valuable skill for a big man. With offers from Harvard, Davidson, Texas Tech and Iowa, Sehic is a player who colleges want but he has flown under the radar. This gives Manning a great opportunity to land a talented big man that has the ability to contribute immediately at Wake Forest.

Ever since Sehic was offered by Manning, he had been looking to take a visit to Wake Forest. "As soon as they offered me, we were talking about me coming up for visit." It took some time for the visit to get set up, but the date is now in place.

Samir Sehic decided to take an official visit to Wake Forest, instead of an unofficial visit, for multiple reasons. "It is far away and there is no other way for me to come visit.  I also really feel like Wake Forest is a school that will be in my top 5."

For Sehic, this visit will be a great learning experience. He hopes to learn as much as he can about a school he will be seriously considering. "I want to get a better feel for the campus and players and see how I can see myself there. I also want to learn even more about Coach Manning and the other coaches."

As for the fit, Sehic appears to be a great option for Danny Manning in the 2015 class. He compares his game to Kevin Love, saying "I can post inside but also pop and shoot and I have a high IQ for the game." He also believes he will be a good fit with Danny Manning, saying "I feel like I will fit in good in the offense and good under Coach Manning's style."

As Sehic narrows his list and eventually choses a college, it is clear that Wake is a definite option for him. His skill set will allow him to play with other bigs on the roster, as well as molding himself into a better player. Sehic's official visit will go a long way to determining if Wake Forest and Samir Sehic are a good fit, but it is likely to go well. Follow Samir on twitter @samirsehic and look out for updates for his thoughts after the visit.