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Best Wake Forest Football Game of All-Time

Here we open a roundtable discussion about the best Wake Forest football game of all-time and retrace our memories of the best game we attended.


While a perpetual underdog in the ACC because of national powerhouses Florida State and Clemson, Wake Forest has its share of memorable and historic wins. The ACC Championships in 1970 and 2006 particularly stand out in the minds of Wake fans. The Demon Deacons have also gone 6-4 all-time in bowl games, including 2-2 in the last eight seasons.

After looking into the best wins and most memorable game we attended in Wake basketball history last week, we turn our attention over to the gridiron for this roundtable discussion.

Best Game of All-Time:

Rob: It's definitely the 2006 ACC Championship game.

Bart: The best game Wake has ever been in football-wise is likely the 1979 matchup with Auburn. Wake was down 38-20 at home against the 13th-ranked Tigers and came back to win 42-38 in one of the most thrilling games in Wake history and likely the best.

Riley: There have been a few great games in Wake's history. The aforementioned 1979 Auburn match-up (before most of our times I believe), the ACC Championship Game in '06 and then the Orange Bowl. As far as important games go, the Orange Bowl has to take the cake in terms of Wake Forest relevancy on the national stage.

Whitaker: I would say that the ACC Championship was arguably our most important game given how unexpected our run was that year. I think it's also worth mentioning the Florida State game from 2006. We shut them out 30-0 on the road and it was our first win in Tallahassee since 1959.

Griff: Pick any of these following games from the 2006 season out of a hat: Duke, Ole Miss, NC State, UNC, Boston College, Florida State, Maryland, Georgia Tech, and Louisville. All were magical.

Best Game We Attended:

Rob: Best football game I've ever been to was probably my first ever Wake Forest game, which was the 2008 home-opener against Ole Miss that Wake won 30-28. Ole Miss, who went on to win the Cotton Bowl, scored a go-ahead touchdown with 1:01 remaining in the contest. The great Riley Skinner then marched the Deacs 57 yards in just 58 seconds to set up a 41-yard field goal that was nailed by Sam Swank. One of several great games during that 2008 season.

Bart: The best Wake game I’ve ever been to has to be the 2006 ACC Championship game. While the Orange Bowl is an experience I will never forget as a fan, the ACC Title game was THE moment when Wake broke through and snagged an unbelievable title. It was actually a pretty bad game as the Deacs snuck out with a 9-6 victory, but it’s probably the top moment of my Wake Forest fan hood.

Riley: The best game I ever attended was the Wake-UMD game in College Park that clinched the Atlantic Division. Wake filled up its entire section and executed a game plan brilliantly to a 38-24 victory. It was probably about as well the Deacs could have played, and it was on the road with the season on the line.

Whitaker: The best game I've ever been at was the 35-30 win against Florida State in 2011. Griff I'm sure you remember enough about that one.

Griff: That FSU game was thrilling. The Deacs forced five turnovers and beat up future first round QB EJ Manuel and the generously-listed 175 lbs Clint Trickett. However, the UNC game in 2012 was equally as memorable-and far more eerie. After tornado warnings postponed the game an hour, dark clouds hovered over the stadium all day. But that didn’t stop Tanner Price and the Demons, who exorcised a late-game drive to defeat a talented Tar Heels team 28-27.

We look forward to hearing your opinion on the best games in Wake history and your memories watching the Deacs in the comments section below!