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Wake Forest Player Countdown: No. 39 Johnny Garcia

Will the redshirt senior have a breakout season?

Dean Shore

Number 39 on our player countdown is Johnny Garcia, who is a redshirt senior out of Ida Baker High School in Cape Coral, Florida. Garcia is a defensive lineman, who converted from tight end after his redshirt freshman season. Although he has just 3 career tackles, Garcia should have a much improved year due to available playing time on the defensive line.

Garcia was listed as a starter at the end of spring practice. I expect incoming freshman Zeek Rodney and junior Tylor Harris to pass Garcia, but Garcia should still see significant rotational playing time this season. Garcia had a very good spring practice and recorded five tackles, including one sack, in the spring game. Garcia is not going to replace Nikita Whitlock, nor is anyone else on the roster, but hopefully Garcia can help add stability to a defensive line. If the defensive line can consistently apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks, then this could be an excellent defense.

Check back later for number 38.