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Wake Forest Player Countdown: No. 53 LS Logan Feimster

The less you hear about a long snapper, the better. That's why it's important to have Logan Feimster back on the field for his senior campaign

As we continue our Wake Forest football player countdown, coming in at #53 is jersey #52, Logan Feimster. Feimster is the 6'4" 255 lb Deacon long snapper from Statesville, NC who is entering his final season in Winston-Salem.  If you've been a BSD reader for the past year or so, you should recall Bart's Kinal Kount, which outlines the Wake punter's record-setting trajectory for punting volume.  As the Deacs have unfortunately been punting far more than their fair share, it is calming to have a dependable long snapper like Logan who snaps the ball accurately every time he's on the field.  In fact, college football guru Phil Steele ranks Feimster as a 4th team All-American in his long snapper ratings going into the 2014, only behind the snappers from NC State, LSU and Indiana.

Hopefully Wake fans won't see Feimster on the field as much this season (less punting, please), but when his number is called you can bet that the majority of you will continue to not remember his name.  The long snapper position is one of the rare cases in sports where the less you hear about a player, the better he is.  So far, the silence has been golden for Logan Feimster.

Stay tuned to BSD as we break into the top 50 in our countdown this week!