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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Biggest Targets in the 2015 Class

Wake Forest's 2015 recruiting class will be the first class under Danny Manning. See what recruits he is going after the hardest, and what they had to say about Wake Forest.

Joel Auerbach

Doral Moore:

Danny Manning's biggest priority in the 2015 class appears to be Doral Moore, who is rated 5 stars by Rivals. Moore is a force in the paint, offensively and defensively, with the potential to be a great player at the college level. Unlike other 5 star recruits with Wake Forest offers, there is definite mutual interest. Recently, Moore listed five favorites, Kentucky, Florida, Ohio State, Illinois and Wake Forest. His coach, Chris Williams, gave us insight into Doral's thoughts on Wake Forest. "Doral likes Wake Forest because it's in the ACC and he gets an opportunity to play for a former pro that was a big man and had a great life span in the league. Doral believes he can learn a lot from Danny and can develop a lot from working with him and Coach Woodberry. Doral and his family are big on academics and he knows how rich the education is at Wake Forest, which is intriguing to him being he wants to be a veterinarian." Should Manning land Doral Moore, he will be getting a very talented big man who could transform the Wake Forest program. As a big man coach, Manning and Moore have a chance to do great things together.

Trevor Manuel:

Trevor Manuel is another talented big man in the 2015 class with serious Wake Forest interest. Manuel is a more perimeter oriented big with great passing, shooting and defensive abilities. With more coaching and added strength, Manuel has the potential to be a very talented player. Danny Manning is really going for Manuel, as Trevor told us "They are recruiting me pretty hard. They extended the offer and are trying to get me to come on an official visit." There is definitely mutual interest between this talented power forward and Manning, "I'm really liking them. I think they have a great coaching staff and are going to better the program." While Manual has not created a list, expect Wake Forest to be a team that is a serious contender for the four star recruit. Expect a visit from Manuel in the near future, as he said "I'm taking a visit, I just don't have a set date." A commitment from Manuel would be huge, as he could make a real impact at Wake Forest at either big man spot.

Samir Sehic:

Samir Sehic is not as well-known as the other bigs, but he has the ability to have an impact on the Wake Forest basketball program. Sehic has a similar play style to Kevin Love, with a solid post game and rebounding as well as the ability to stretch the court. Sehic recently told Blogger So Dear that he plans to take an official visit to Wake Forest on September 6th, saying "I really feel like Wake Forest is a school that will be in my top 5." While Sehic will learn more about Wake Forest during his time on campus, he already has a good appreciation for the school. "Wake Forest is a great school that I can't wait to come visit!" Sehic will not bring the same attention to Wake Forest, but he would be a solid player for the program.

Kaiser Gates:

Kaiser Gates is a forward who has the versatility to fill many roles at Wake Forest. He is a solid shooter, passer and defender, with the ability to play multiple positions and be effective. With added weight, Gates could succeed at either forward position, helping Manning to create big or small lineups with Gates on the floor. Gates told Blogger So Dear that Wake Forest was a real contender for him, adding "I think that Wake Forest is a great program with an amazing coaching staff." While he has many other major offers and no list yet, Wake Forest has a good chance to land the talented forward.

Tevin Mack:

Tevin Mack is another talented wing, who could fill multiple roles for Wake Forest. He excels as a slasher but has added a deadly jump shot to his game. His length and athleticism should allow him to become a solid defender as well for either wing position. Mack told us, "I think Wake Forest is a great program and I'm taking a hard look at it." He had planned to visit Wake Forest in June, but was unable to make it. I expect him to visit sometime in the near future but a date has not been set. Mack's perimeter scoring and defensive potential make him a great target for Danny Manning.

Malik Beasley:

Malik Beasley is a guard who could compliment Codi Miller-McIntyre very well, and eventually take over his role on the team. Beasley is a combo guard, but is best with the ball in his hands with the ability to attack the rim and finish with ease. With improvements in his jump shot and defense, Beasley will become a more complete player with the ability to impact the game in a multitude of ways. Beasley was offered a scholarship from Wake Forest very recently, but already had great things to say about the school, "It's a great school, great coaching staff and is in the ACC." While he does not have a date set, Beasley plans to visit Wake Forest some time after July. Beasley has a lot of great offers, but Wake Forest appears to be a real option for him.

Shake Milton:

Shake Milton is another guard who will give Danny Manning a lot of versatility with his lineups. He has the size to play either guard position, and is great as a driver and distributor to his teammates. His supreme length with his skill set offsets his slight lack in athleticism and will allow him to succeed offensively and defensively at the college level. Manning's recruiting with Milton dates back to his time at Tulsa, but the move to Wake Forest has not changed their recruiting. Milton told us, "I love Wake Forest and I've built a really good relationship with Coach Manning and Ballard." Milton plans on creating a list soon and his relationship with the Wake Forest coaches gives them a great chance at landing on his list. Milton is early on in his decision process but appears to have a real appreciation for Wake Forest and Danny Manning.

Jordan Murphy

Jordan Murphy is the only player in the article who does not have a Wake Forest offer, but he has serious interest from Wake Forest. Murphy has a similar play style to Kaiser Gates, where he can succeed and create matchup problems at either forward spot. Murphy's athleticism and knowledge for the game should allow him to mold into whatever role Manning would need him to do. Despite not having an offer, Murphy had good things to say about Wake Forest. "I think Wake Forest is a great college and Danny Manning is a good coach with a lot of experience." Murphy expects Wake Forest to be a contender for him, but is not yet sure if an offer will come. If Manning sees a need for Jordan Murphy, which may depend on Kaiser Gates' decision, Murphy is a player that could provide Wake Forest with valuable depth and versatility.