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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: 2016 Point Guards

A look at Wake Forest's need and offers at point guard for the 2016 class.

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press

Likely scholarship players:
Mitchell Wilbekin (Junior)

With Mitchell Wilbekin entering his junior year, Wake Forest has a solid point guard already on their roster. A 2015 point guard is not expected, so Wake Forest will likely need one from the 2016 class. Wilbekin will likely be a starter his junior year so a back up with long term starting potential would fit well. Wilbekin also has the shooting ability to play off the ball if Manning is able to get a commitment from a starting caliber point guard. It would be important for that point guard to have size though, as Wilbekin does not have the height of a traditional shooting guard. Because of Wilbekin, Manning does not need a freshman starter from the 2016 class but he needs a player who will complement Wilbekin, short and long term.

Offers (According to Verbal Commits):

Dennis Smith Jr. (5 star ESPN):
Smith is known by many as the top point guard in the 2016 class. He has the ability to get into the paint and excels at finishing and setting up his teammates. His superior athleticism gives him the potential to be a solid defender as well. The competition will be tough for Smith, as he already has offers from Duke, Arizona and Kansas. In Harry Giles' most recent blog with USA Today, he mentioned Smith as a player that could join Giles and Tatum as a package deal. With Giles and Smith both being North Carolina natives, Wake Forest has a chance to land Smith as a part of the package deal. Wake Forest likely will not land Smith by himself, but could convince him if Giles were to commit to Wake Forest. It would be a great commitment for Wake Forest, but one that would likely push Wilbekin to the bench. Neither player has the size to effectively play shooting guard and Smith would likely sap a lot of Wilbekin's minutes. Regardless, Smith is too talented to turn down, even if the fit is not perfect.

Kobi Jordan-Simmons (5 star Scout):
Simmons is another extremely talented point guard, who is a better fit for Wake Forest and Wilbekin. He has great point guard skills, as he can penetrate, finish and find open teammates. His athleticism shows the potential for a good defender, but he is not there yet. His stock has been rising recently, resulting in offers from many schools, including Tennessee, Marquette and Cincinnati. As he continues to show his talents, he will continue to get offers. He is a better fit with Wake Forest and Wilbekin because of his size. At 6'5", he has the ability to guard shooting guards on defense. His ability to run an offense would also fit well with Wilbekin, who would be able to be more aggressive as a scorer. If Wake Forest gets a starting caliber point guard from the 2016 class, a player like Simmons with great size is definitely the best fit.

Alterique Gilbert (3 star Scout):
Gilbert is another very talented guard, but it is tough to figure out where he would fit at Wake Forest. His biggest strength is his speed, where he is a great in transition. He is a very solid point guard, as he can shoot, drive and pass very effectively. His stock has been on the rise, with offers from Florida St., Cincinnati and Auburn. The major knock on Gilbert is his size. Most sites list Gilbert as 5'10", undersized for even point guard in college. If Gilbert grows a few inches, he will be a highly coveted prospect. If Gilbert stays at his current height, he may not be a great fit at Wake Forest. His size prevents him from playing with Wilbekin for any extended period of time. With his skill, Gilbert will likely expect to start, which is not likely over an older and more experienced player. Unless Gilbert grows or is willing to accept a back up role, he likely is not a good fit with Wake Forest.

Jermaine Haley (2 star Composite):
Haley is the most intriguing of the point guards that Wake Forest has offered. He is a Canada native, who very few recruiting experts know a lot about. He is an extremely talented player though and his ranking will definitely rise as he gains more exposure. He is a 6'7" point guard who a great handle and vision. Whether he plays point guard or a different position due to his size, he will have the ball in his hands a lot. Despite very little exposure, Haley has offers from Memphis, UNLV and Louisville, as well as interest from UNC, UCLA and Arizona. His potential and skill at his size will allow him to explode as he gains more exposure. He will be a great fit for Wake Forest, as he will be able to play multiple positions due to his size, as well as be the primary ball handler for the team. Very little has come out on Haley, but he is definitely a great prospect and someone to keep an eye on.