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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: 2015 Small Forwards

A look at Wake Forest's need and offers at small forward for the 2015 class.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Likely scholarship players:
Aaron Rountree III (Senior)
Greg McClinton (Sophomore)

Of the three backcourt positions, small forward appears to be the biggest need. Rountree III is a good role player but is not expected to be a major impact player during his Wake Forest career. McClinton is expected to be a starter for Wake Forest, but needs to show he is fully recovered from his knee injury. This wing spot could be filled by a shooting guard, but would be best filled by a small forward. Whether the recruit is a starter or reserve, a small forward could bring great depth to Wake Forest.

Offers (According to Verbal Commits):

Brandon Ingram (5 star ESPN):
Ingram is one of the best recruits in the 2015 class. If he were to attend Wake Forest, he would be a star from day one. He is a great scorer, as a slasher and shooter, and is also a talented defensive player. Unfortunately, this top rated North Carolina native will be tough to recruit away from UNC and Duke. Those two schools are considered the favorites for Ingram and Manning will struggle to get Ingram away from them. Brandon Ingram would be a huge get for Wake Forest but it is highly unlikely that he commits.

Dwayne Bacon (4 star ESPN):
Bacon is another very talented small forward who is unlikely to chose Wake Forest. Bacon is a very versatile player, with the ability to do a plethora of things to help his team. He is at his best attacking the rim and is working to improve his jump shot. He has many top offers, including UConn, Ohio St., Louisville and Georgetown. Bacon has not given any hints that he is favoring any teams, but it does not seem likely that he will chose Wake Forest.

Ray Smith (5 star ESPN):
Ray Smith is one of the most talented players in the 2015 class and Wake Forest has a realistic shot at him. Smith has already made a list of ten schools that Wake Forest was on, along with UCLA, Louisville, Georgetown, and Arizona. Smith is an incredibly athletic player, who is best in transition. He also has refined his half court game, making the jump to a five star recruit on ESPN. Ray Smith's father, Bobby Smith, told Blogger So Dear that Wake Forest has not been in contact as much recently, but hoped that their recruiting would pick up. If Danny Manning picks up his recruiting for Ray Smith, which he definitely should, he has a real chance to land a very talented player.

Tevin Mack (4 star ESPN):
Mack is not listed as having an offer by Verbal Commits, but he confirmed to Blogger So Dear that he has one. Tevin Mack is a recent addition to ESPN's top 2015 recruits. He is a very talented scorer, with the ability to score in a variety of ways. He is still working on the defensive end but has the athleticism to become a good defender. He is not as highly regarded as the other three small forwards, but does not have the same quality of offers as the others. His best offers came from VCU, Clemson and Auburn, which allows Wake Forest to have a realistic shot on him. Depending on Wake Forest's level of interest and Mack's upcoming offers, Wake Forest could land this talented small forward who could fill a big role.