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Pick Your Wake Forest Starting 5 With $15

Thearon W. Henderson

Think you're the next Darryl Morey? Test your basketball wits in a fun challenge that has been circulating sports blogs in recent days.

You have $15 to pick a starting five from Wake Forest's five best players at each position. The best player at a position is $5 and the fifth best player at a position is $1. For those math wizards out there, the average salary/player is $3.

Good luck!

Position $5 $4 $3 $2 $1
PG Chris Paul Randolph Childress Charlie Davis

Muggsy Bogues

Skip Brown
SG Lefty Davis Jeff Teague Bob Leonard Justin Gray Tony Byers
SF Josh Howard Kenny Green Al-Farouq Aminu James Johnson Sam Ivy
PF Dickie Hemric Rod Griffin Rodney Rogers Gil McGregor Dave Budd
C Tim Duncan Len Chappell Darius Songaila Jim Johnstone Eric Williams

As some might notice, I took a few positional liberties. For example, Jeff Teague played point guard most of his career. However, Wake is too deep at point guard and Teague did play off-ball with Ish Smith. The toughest players to leave off this list were- whattayaknow- all point guards. Smith, Frank Johnson and Billy Packer each had illustrious careers.

With a laundry list of NBA studs, ranging from CP3 to Muggsy Bogues to Jeff Teague, Wake Forest should garner up a new nickname for its basketball program.


What's your starting five?