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Pick Your Big Four Starting 5 With $15

Big Four Edition: pick your starting 5 with $15!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina is the only state with three schools that have won NCAA championships. Year in and year out, the four major basketball programs in the state, North Carolina, Duke, NC State and Wake Forest are the class of the ACC and the country. Believe it or not, 46 of the 62 ACC Player of the Year recipients attended a university in the Tar Heel State (14 from Duke and UNC, 10 from Wake Forest and 8 from NC State).

Because of the rich history of the Tobacco Road rivalry, a Big Four rendition to the "buy your all-time starting 5 from $15" was necessary. For those who haven't played, you have $15 to buy the best starting lineup, based on the best players at that respective position, averaging $3 per position.

But for this special edition, we made a slight rule change. Due to all the legendary coaches in Big Four history, we felt it was necessary to incorporate head coaches into the equation.

Thus, you have $18 to buy your best Big Four starting lineup + head coach.

Good luck!

Position $5 $4 $3 $2 $1
PG Phil Ford Bobby Hurley Jay Williams Chris Paul Randolph Childress
SG Michael Jordan JJ Redick Johnny Dawkins Charles Scott Rodney Monroe
SF David Thompson Grant Hill Lennie Rosenbluth Larry Miller Art Heyman
PF Christian Laettner Tyler Hansbrough Len Chappell James Worthy Shane Battier
C Tim Duncan Danny Ferry Dickie Hemric Elton Brand Tom Burleson
Coach Coach K Dean Smith Roy Williams Jimmy V Skip Prosser

Snubs By Position:

PG- Ty Lawson

SG- Wayne Ellington

SF- Josh Howard

PF- Ronnie Shavlik

C- Sam Perkins

Coach- Dave Odom

For the record, my team is Chris Paul, Michael Jordan, Grant Hill, Shane Battier, Tom Burleson and Coach K.

What's your starting five?