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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: 2016 Power Forwards

A look at Wake Forest's need and offers at power forward for the 2016 class.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Likely scholarship players:
None currently on roster

With no power forwards currently set to be on the 2016 roster, this is obviously a huge need for Wake Forest. Manning has been recruiting power forwards in 2015, but it likely will not completely solve the problem. Manning's ability to recruit a power forward in 2015 will determine the true need here, but there will definitely be some. Depending on Wake Forest's backcourt depth, there is a chance that Manning could play small, with four perimeter players and an up-tempo style, but more bigs will still be needed.

Offers (According to Verbal Commits):

Harry Giles (5 star ESPN):
Despite missing a year due to a serious knee injury, Giles is still considered one of the best players in the 2016 class. He is extremely athletic for his height, with the ability to play well in transition. He can get to the hoop with ease and is expanding the range on his jump shot. He has been recruited by almost every major college basketball team, with offers from Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Ohio St. and Georgetown. As a Winston-Salem native, Giles has been recruited by Wake Forest since 8th grade. Being able to play in his hometown is a huge plus for Giles, and gives Wake Forest a boost in his recruiting. Based off Wake Forest's need at power forward, and the potential package deal with Jayson Tatum and Dennis Smith, Giles is probably the most important recruit in Manning's first two years at Wake Forest. If Manning is able to land Giles, it would go a long way in Wake Forest becoming a top team in the ACC.

Omari Spellman (4 star Scout):
Spellman has a very similar game to Harry Giles. He fits the stretch 4 mold with the ability to attack the rim. He will continue to improve as he adds more strength and mobility to his game. While he is not yet a finished product, Spellman has the potential to be a very solid college basketball starter. Many colleges have noticed Spellman's potential as well, as he has offers from Villanova, Cincinnati and UNLV. It is very early in Spellman's recruitment, so it is hard to judge how likely it is that he commits to Wake Forest. He would be a very good player for Wake, with the ability to be a starter for most of his career. Manning would be smart to continue recruiting Spellman, as he has the ability to impact the game in a similar way to Giles if Giles commits elsewhere.