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Wake Forest Player Countdown: No. 77 K Chad Hedlund

Dean Shore

Coming in at number 77 on our list is kicker Chad Hedlund, who will be a redshirt junior this fall. He came to Wake Forest by way of Argyle High School in Argyle, Texas. Hedlund was the 11th best kicker in the 2010 recruiting class according to

It probably comes as a surprise that last year's starting kicker would rank so low on the list, but I don't believe he will hold that position again this year. If he does, then I'm just wrong, and he'll obviously be of much higher importance. Hedlund made just 8/12 field goal attempts last season and had a touchback % of 19.5%, which was 110th nationally. Wake Forest recruited and landed ESPN's number 3 kicker in the 2014 recruiting class, Adam Centers, and I believe he is a prime candidate to earn the starting job. In addition to Adam Centers, Mike Weaver was also recruited as a punter and kicker last season, but was sidelined with an injury. Weaver's versatility, as well as his strong leg (potentially a kickoff specialist) give him the advantage over Hedlund, in my opinion.

Am I crazy for putting last year's starting kicker at 77? You tell me.