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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: 2016 Small Forwards

A look at Wake Forest's need and offers at small forward for the 2016 class.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Likely scholarship players:
Greg McClinton (Junior)

Wake Forest will likely have some need at this spot, but the true need comes down to two main points. First, Greg McClinton has the ability to be a starter in his junior year, but needs to prove that he is healthy and ready to handle that spot. Also, Wake Forest is looking for a small forward in the 2015 class, which would eliminate a lot of the need in 2016. Because the need is still up in the air, it is hard to identify the type of player that Wake Forest will need from the 2016 class. It appears Manning is still figuring out what he needs from this spot as well, as he has only offered one player. As the 2015 class develops and McClinton begins to show his talent, a better picture will emerge for what Wake Forest needs in 2016 at small forward.

Offers (According to Verbal Commits):

Jayson Tatum (5 star ESPN):
Tatum is one of the best players in the 2016 class. He has great size and athleticism at the wing position with the ability to score all over the court. His defense is still improving, but his ability to score from isolations makes him a truly elite player. He is being recruited by almost every school in the country, with offers from Duke, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State, Ohio State, UNC and Indiana. Wake Forest has almost no chance to land Tatum by himself, but has a slight chance due to the package deal with Harry Giles, Tatum and possibly Dennis Smith Jr. Many Wake Forest fans would be more excited for Giles if the package deal happens at Wake Forest, but Tatum could provide a bigger impact. If Tatum comes to Wake Forest, along with Harry Giles, Manning will have quickly built Wake Forest into one of, if not the, the top teams in the ACC. The chances are not great, but there is a possibility.