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Wake Forest Athletics: "Happy"

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Wake Forest videos just keep appearing on the internet.

Yesterday the football team broke out a NaeNae video and today the Wake Forest athletics department a music video to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams in honor of the 2nd annual Black and Gold Awards. This is not to be confused with the town of Wake Forest, North Carolina, who released their own version of "Happy" two days ago. Several weeks ago, UNC produced their version of "Happy," which proved that while Marcus Paige is an incredible basketball player, he is also a poor dancer.

It's good to see the athletic department embracing these types of videos and hopefully there is plenty to be "happy" about moving forward.

Here's Pharrell's version in case you aren't one of the 222 million people who has seen the video:

The music video and Pharrell's Grammy appearance allowed Arby's to produce one of the best tweets of all-time.