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NBA Playoffs: Open Thread

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The Deacs have two prominent alums playing in the Western Conference semi-finals. Chat along as you watch the former Deacs in action.

Ronald Martinez

The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 on Saturday night and tonight are set to play Oklahoma City in Game 1 of the Western Conference semi-finals matchup. Chris Paul had 22 points and 14 assists in Saturday night's decisive game. The action is set to tip off tonight at 9:30 p.m. eastern time and they will play every other night until the series ends. The series will open in Oklahoma City as they have home court advantage. Chris Paul vs. Russell Westbrook will be a very exciting matchup to watch, and it will also be interesting to see if Los Angeles chooses to defend Kevin Durant with Blake Griffin at any point. Nate Silver gives the Clippers a 52% chance to win the series.

The San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan put on an offensive clinic on Sunday afternoon when they defeated the Dallas Mavericks 199-96. The Spurs will play the Portland Trailblazers, who defeated the Houston Rockets in dramatic fashion on Friday night. Duncan, who has played as many playoff games (218) as the Portland franchise, will have a classic matchup with LaMarcus Aldridge. Tony Parker vs. Damian Lillard should also be phenomenal. Nate Silver gives the Spurs a 69% chance to win the series.

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