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Wake Forest Football: NaeNae Competition

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It's the Dave Clawson era and that means there will be viral videos of new dance crazes.

Wake Forest's sports teams are not done going to YouTube doing their best impressions. Last month the men's tennis team brought you a parody of the Chainsmoker's song #Selfie and the football team was not going to be outdone. Yesterday, linebacker Brandon Chubb released the video on his YouTube channel and it is starting to gain steam as Bar Stool Sports also wrote about the video earlier today.

I don't really know how any of these skills will translate to the field, but it worked out well for Mercer. Cory Helms didn't exactly do the Nae Nae per se, but it was still a hall of fame effort on his part. If you aren't watching this video on loop for the rest of the day, then you're doing it wrong. It's a great day to be a Deac!

Check out the original Nae Nae video to see how our guys compare.