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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Mitchell Wilbekin's Official Visit

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After finally being released from his NLI from Tulsa, Mitchell Wilbekin took an official to Wake Forest this weekend. See what he had to say about his visit and Wake Forest.

Mitchell Wilbekin was on an official visit at Wake Forest from Thursday through Saturday, which came after Wilbekin received his official release from his NLI at Tulsa. This was the first of at least two official visits that Wilbekin will take, with a visit to Virginia on Monday and Tuesday. Wake Forest and Virginia appear to be the favorites, with Missouri and USF contacting him of late. With a decision coming soon, this visit was vital for Manning to convince Wilbekin to reunite at Wake Forest.

Mitchell Wilbekin said he enjoyed his visit. "It went really well. I felt comfortable with the staff and had fun playing with the guys."

As many writers have commented before, recruits are usually blown away by Wake Forest's campus. Mitchell Wilbekin was no exception, "I liked all the facilities on campus. It was not too big but not too small. It's a college town and everyone loves Wake Forest basketball."

He also loved talking to Wake Forest students, saying, "They definitely showed me some love."

Mitchell Wilbekin also got to get a feel for his potential role at Wake Forest. "Coach Manning said I would come in and help immediately. I would play some point guard and some off the ball because I can shoot too." With Shelton Mitchell receiving a release from his NLI at Wake Forest, Manning needs to find someone to fill this role, and  Mitchell Wilbekin could definitely be that player.

Wake Forest appears to be a great fit for Wilbekin, but he has not made his final decision yet. He said, "I will go to the school that I think is the best fit and where I can develop the most." Wake Forest may be that fit but time will tell if it is the best fit.

Mitchell Wilbekin plans to make his college decision within the next two weeks. After the bad news of Shelton Mitchell reconsidering his options, a commitment from Wilbekin would go a long way toward a successful 2014-15 season. We will know his choice soon but continue giving him some love on twitter @Mwilbekin1.