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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: 2016 Recruit NyRhique Smith

NyRhique Smith is a recruit that Danny Manning has focused on since his time at Tulsa. See what Smith had to say about Manning and Wake Forest.

Donald Miralle

NyRhique Smith is a very talented 2016 guard who has already formed a deep connection with Danny Manning. Manning first began recruiting Smith when Smith was in 8th grade. Smith has continued to form a bond with Manning and was one of Manning's first offers after his move to Wake Forest. With Wake Forest likely needing a big class in 2016, NyRhique Smith is a recruit that could provide depth and a player that will greatly improve during his college career.

NyRhique Smith's best quality is his ability to adjust and fill many different roles. He said "I've been told since 6th grade I have a very high IQ and play the game the right way. I do a little of everything and try to be an all around player." This strength helps Smith adjust to his teammates and opponents and allows him to always have a positive impact.

While Smith hopes to stay a well-rounded player, he hopes to refine his game to help excel in certain areas. He hopes to  "become a knock down shooter around the perimeter as well as improve my vertical jumping."

Despite just finishing his sophomore year of high school, NyRhique Smith already has a fan in Coach Manning. Manning has already beenselling himself to Smith, who said the biggest talking points are "His respect for my total game as a player and his sincerity to me and my family."

Manning first began recruiting Smith during his time at Tulsa. Since his move to Wake Forest, he has another selling point for Smith. "Wake Forest will allow me to play in the ACC, which is one of the best conferences in the nation."

Going into his sophomore year of high school, NyRhique Smith was required to make a move from his home state of New Jersey to Maryland. The move was tough on Smith, as he missed New Jersey and was forced to adjust to a new group of friends and teammates. The move also required Smith to miss a year of basketball, which was tough on him and his recruiting. While the move was tough, it has helped fuel him to continue improving his game and make and impact when he returned to the court.

Despite being a talented player, a year off has hurt the amount of teams recruiting Smith. So far, Manning is the only coach that has offered Smith, although many schools are still watching him closely. He expects some offers as the AAU season continues. It has helped Manning gain the upper hand, as he has continued to recruit Smith despite the adversity.

Over the summer, Smith will be playing for DC Premier's U16 team with big goals on his mind. "I want to get my name back in the mix of the top national players and keep working on my game as much as I can."

With Wake Forest being Smith's only current offer, Smith is excited to learn more about Danny Manning's new school. Asked if he plans on visiting, Smith responded "Yes as soon as possible."

With plenty of time until his decision, Smith gave an update on his time table. "Probably going in to my senior year." He also added, "It's important for me to make sure that Coach Manning still has a lot of interest in me when I'm ready. So I have to keep working over time." Manning and Smith still have work to do, but Smith said Wake Forest is his early leader, saying "YES! No question about that."