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Letter to Blogger So Dear Readers

A letter from the managing editor laying out our plans for the coming months.

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Dear Blogger So Dear Readers,

I wanted to start by thanking each and every one of you for your readership. It has been an exciting time for Wake Forest athletics over the past few months and I thank you for joining us on that journey. The last three months have been our three best months ever in terms of pageviews and we thank readers new and old for that. I give a tremendous amount of credit to Martin Rickman and J.P. Mundy, who were the first two managing editors of the site. They did a fabulous job of growing the site and I just happened to be fortunate enough to inherit a great product.

While there are no games being played during the summer, we will continue to provide daily content to our readers. This Monday we will begin our countdown to football season by ranking our 85 scholarship players from 85 to 1 in terms of how likely we believe each player is to contribute to winning this season. Player 85 will be a player who we expect to redshirt this season and player 1 will be our best player. Monday will also be the beginning of our weekly team previews, which will come out each Monday in schedule order and will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of our 12 football opponents this season. In addition to this, we will continue to increase our coverage of football and basketball recruiting.

When the season begins we will provide weekly previews of our upcoming opponent, provide an analytical breakdown of our previous week's game, q&a's with a blog of our week's opponent, and Riley and I will be continuing our weekly live podcast, which will allow readers to call in and voice their opinions. If you read but don't comment, I invite and encourage you to voice your opinions in the comments section and help grow our community.

Our goal is to provide the best coverage of Wake Forest athletics on the Internet, and we hope to only get better in our pursuit of providing the readers with that coverage. This is your blog as much as it is ours, and  if there is something that you would like us to cover, whether it be an additional sport or a different angle of coverage of a sport that we already cover, we will absolutely look into it. If any of you ever have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact me and discuss the matter .

I thank you all again for your readership and am very much looking forward to the next chapter of Wake Forest athletics.

Go Deacs!

Rob Reinhard