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Roll The Quadcast (Danny Manning Hired)

Wake Forest finally has a new coach, as Danny Manning accepts the job.

Roll The Quadcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Robert Reinhard (@Robert_Reinhard) and Riley Johnston (BSD_RaJohnston) that discusses all things Wake Forest athletics related. To our knowledge this is the only Wake Forest-centric podcast out there, and can easily be downloaded for MP3 usage, or played on a computer. Twitter questions are always welcomed and will be featured on the podcast.

After two weeks of the search, Wake Forest finally hired a head coach in Danny Manning. Tune in to learn about the new coach and his fit at Wake Forest. What does this mean for Wake Forest basketball moving forward? What can fans expect to see on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball? Rob and Riley those two questions and much more, as Roll The Quadcast welcomes Danny Manning to Wake Forest!

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