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Danny Manning Hired by Wake Forest: Live Thread and Chat

Danny Manning has accepted the job to coach the Wake Forest men's basketball team. What are your thoughts on the hire?

Jamie Squire

This thread is the place for any comments, thoughts, monologues, dialogues, ramblings, rants, complaints, insights, and general banter that people want to have about the Danny Manning hire. While there are generally no parameters about what can be talked about, we would ask that the topic stay somewhat on topic while also avoiding personal attacks and observing general common courtesy.

First and foremost, welcome to Wake Forest Coach Manning, I believe you will find very good success in Winston-Salem over the next few years!

General topic-starters which I personally find interesting:

1. Danny Manning is a somewhat unproven commodity with only two years of head coaching experience but had Tulsa moving in the right direction. Is there a concern about his lack of experience as a head coach, or does it not matter at all?

2. News came out yesterday that Wake will play Florida next year in basketball as part of a Sunshine State doubleheader, providing us with one of the first glimpses into what the schedule will look like next year. What kind of schedule would you like to see the Deacs play next year with the returning cast of players, a new coach, and the addition of both the freshman class and players returning from injuries?

3. Manning is one of the most successful players in college basketball history, claiming a National Player of the Year award while leading Kansas to the 1988 NCAA Championship. What impact will this type of pedigree have on the recruiting trail? Do high school guys know who Manning is or is a valuable asset simply because the parents will remember Manning?

4. What does this hire mean for the reputation and legacy of current Athletic Director Ron Wellman? It is likely to be Wellman's last major hire as rumors of his retirement over the next couple of years continue to pick up steam. Will this be a home run hire, a hire akin to the one made four years ago, or somewhere in the middle? How will the media view this hire?

5. How will the Wake fan base react to Manning, which might not be a big-name hire as it could have been, but does have upside down the road? Will the coach have widespread support for the first couple of years, or will the anger of the fan base towards Wellman and Wake at-large persist and permeate the new coach's first few years?

Take it away guys, any perspective is welcome and this should be an interesting thread to follow. Welcome again Coach Manning, we are proud to have you as the next head coach.