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Roll The Quadcast Episode 28

Rob and Riley take their stuff to Blog Talk Radio and are LIVE from Riley's apartment complex!

Roll The Quadcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Robert Reinhard (@Robert_Reinhard) and Riley Johnston (BSD_RaJohnston) that discusses all things Wake Forest athletics related. To our knowledge, this is the only Wake Forest-centric podcast out there, and can easily be downloaded for MP3 usage, or played on a computer. Twitter questions and live phone calls are always welcomed and will be featured on the podcast.

Excuse the dog, the background noise and the southern accents, but Rob and Riley move Roll The Quadcast to BlogTalkRadio for live streaming capabilities and phone calls. The ACC scheduling for basketball came out today, so there was discussion around that, and there was also some talk surrounding the Spring Football game on Saturday. Bart Johnston joined the guys from Boston to talk the Boston Marathon that he attended, as well as some great insight on Wake Forest baseball.

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