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Basketball Recruiting Spotlight: Wake Forest Offers 2016 Shooting Guard Jayson Tatum

On Sunday, Wake Forest offered top rated 2016 recruit Jayson Tatum. See what he had to say about Wake Forest and playing with Harry Giles.

Streeter Lecka

It is clear that Coach Manning is not afraid to aim high in recruiting. On Sunday, Manning offered Jayson Tatum, currently ranked 4th in the 2016 class by ESPN. This is now the second top 5 offer in the 2016 class from Manning. Manning has already offered ESPN top 5 2016 recruit Harry Giles, who is also a close friend of Jayson Tatum. Tatum is an extremely talented wing, with the ability to handle the ball and get to the rim with ease. His athleticism and great shot make him nearly impossible to guard on offense. With his athleticism, Tatum also has the potential to become a great rebounder and defender. Wake Forest will have some serious competition to land Tatum, but it appears that Tatum is interested.

While expecting a commitment from a player like Tatum may be considered unrealistic, it may be more likely than it seems. The reason - Winston-Salem native Harry Giles. Not only have Giles and Tatum developed a good friendship off the court, but they have grown together on the court. When Tatum was asked if he hopes to play with Giles in college, he responded "It is something we talk about often but it is not guaranteed though." As with any team recruiting Tatum, a good relationship with Giles is a huge advantage. It is early to see what the future holds between Giles and Coach Manning, but it could be a huge advantage in recruiting Jayson Tatum.

Jayson Tatum likely will not attend Wake Forest without Giles but Tatum thought it was possible that they could play at Wake Forest together. When asked if he could see himself and Giles at Wake Forest, he said "Yes I do, especially since it's really close to where he lives."

Both Tatum and Giles are unselfish players and people, and it seems possible Tatum could play for Wake Forest to let Giles stay close to home. As a 2016 recruit, Tatum will have plenty of time to see if Wake Forest is a fit for him, but it appears there is definitely interest there.

With plenty of time until his potential commitment, Tatum hopes to make it to Wake Forest in the near future. "Hopefully I can take visit since they have offered now." Having Tatum on campus would be a huge step in potentially getting a commitment while helping Wake Forest gain national attention. Tatum hopes to make his final decision before his senior basketball season, so there is plenty of time before his commitment. A commitment from Tatum may seem like a long shot, but it may have higher odds than many people think. If Wake Forest can land Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum, they would immediately become a ACC and even National contenders in 2016-17.