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Roll The Quadcast featuring ESPN's Tom Haberstroh

Wake Forest alumnus and ESPN Insider Tom Haberstroh was kind enough to come onto "Roll the Quadcast" to talk about working for ESPN, the NBA, sports analytics, and Wake Forest.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

This week's episode of "Roll the Quadcast" features a very special guest. Tom Haberstroh is a 2008 Wake Forest graduate who currently is a writer/analyst for Insider. He writing primarily focuses on the Miami Heat as well as analytical studies. As he states it, he seeks to tell a story through numbers. Some of his recent efforts have focused on the NBA Draft Initiative, which he helped develop. In his research, he found that Wake Forest NBA draft picks have produced better value than any other school's draft picks.

Tom joined Riley and I to discuss the future of sports analytics, the possibility of a 4-point shot, Wake players in the NBA, his thoughts on the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James, and his best stories from Wake Forest.

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Many thanks to Tom for coming onto the podcast. I strongly encourage you to follow him on Twitter because he truly is one of the best basketball writers out there.