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Recruiting Spotlight: 2015 WR A.J. Alexander

The 4-star receiver was kind enough to chat with Blogger So Dear this week. Find out what he had to say about the Demon Deacons.

A.J. Alexander is a 6'3" wide receiver out of Burke, Virginia. He possesses college-ready size, has great hands, and is the 112th best player in the class of 2015 according to ESPN.

Offers: Wake Forest, Northwestern, Illinois, Virginia, Delaware, Old Dominion, Towson, and Boston College

BSD: Coach Scheier is the one primarily recruiting you. What do you think about him?

A.J.: "He's an outgoing and great guy. He's fiery, relate-able and cool. I talked to the players on the team and they told me that coach Scheier is a great guy. Most recruiters will be a certain way around you when they're recruiting you, and then be different around you when you play for them, but they all say that's how he is. He's always checking in on me and I can appreciate that."

BSD: What did you think of coach Clawson when you met with him on your visit?

A.J.: "He's a straight forward guy and he's very hungry. He also has a resume of turning programs around. He wants what's best for Wake Forest, so it's all about seeing if he can put it in action as he's done at a few programs. So we'll see what he can do in the ACC, but I have faith in him. He's a straight shooter and he's determined, which I can appreciate as a player."

BSD: As a receiver do you have a preference between playing in a more open/spread offense or are you okay playing in a balanced/running attack?

A.J.: "The offense doesn't really matter to me. As a receiver, I want the ball as much as I can, but that's not necessarily how you're going to win football games. Whatever it takes to win, I'm going to do that because I'm a team player."

BSD: Is staying close to home a factor?

A.J.: "Staying Close to home is not really a deciding factor. You want to make sure your family can come out and support you, but I know I have a great family, so I feel like they'll support me either way. Whether they're at the game, or distant family is at the game, or they're watching on television-they'll support me."

BSD: Is weather a factor?

A.J.: "Of course I want to go someone a little warmer (than the D.C. area), but if a great opportunity presents itself, how can you turn it down because of weather?

BSD: How was your visit to Wake on March 22nd?

A.J. "It went smooth and I loved it. It was my first unofficial and I fell in love with the campus and coaches plus the school itself. I'm very interested in Wake Forest and it's definitely a school I'll keep in mind when decision making comes around."

BSD: Do you have another visit to Wake scheduled?

A.J.: "Not scheduled, but I'll definitely go down again this spring or summer to see the campus again."

Thanks again to A.J. for taking the time to talk to us. He will be an outstanding addition wherever he ends up playing his college ball. You can follow him on Twitter @Aramis_Javohn .

Photo Credit to Student Sports.