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Friday Coaching Carousel Recap

Until Wake Forest hires its new coach, Blogger So Dear will bring you the "nightly recap" where we will rewind the events of the day on Twitter and local media.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

Another day has passed and Wake Forest is still without a coach. The good news for Wake Forest fans is that Shaka Smart, our coveted target, has turned down the Marquette job, but there has been no report of him turning down the Wake Forest job.

Let's take a look at the other happening around the college basketball coaching carousel.

South Florida, after discovering their previous coach did not graduate from college, turned their attention elsewhere as they extended an offer to UNLV head coach Dave Rice. At this time it's unknown if Rice will accept the position.

Mike Lonergan guided George Washington to the NCAA Tournament this season and for his efforts George Washington extended his contract through 2021. He is a bright coach, who has done an outstanding job this season, so this is one less coach in this year's carousel.

Finally, for Wake fans, Dan Collins wrote an article today discussing the importance of the upcoming basketball hire. While that may not exactly be breaking news to everyone there were a few interesting quotes in his piece.

"There are folks pretty close to this search who are telling me that Wellman is swinging for the fences on this hire. They're the same people telling him he should. I'm actually hearing from certain quarters that to lure Shaka Smart away from VCU would be settling."

If that's the mindset of Ron Wellman and those closest to the search, then Wake fans have to feel good about the upcoming hire, regardless of who it ends up being. I personally think it's a ridiculous notion that going after Shaka Smart is "settling," but I'd much rather hear that than "he's out of our reach."

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